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Ania l 19 l Poland l Living in the US.
Everything and nothing.



a lot of people talk like capitalism is necessary to have innovation and I just think of all the brilliant and creative people I know who spend all of their time and energy worrying about how they’re going to have a roof over their heads and food to eat. capitalism doesn’t drive innovation, it stifles it and shackles it to the endlessly wasteful machinery of exploitation.

there shouldnt be any such thing as a ‘starving artist’


do you ever have those times at 4am where you get so motivated and decide to get all your shit together and then plan out your entire life and future and then the next morning you’re just like lol

"Commit to loving yourself completely. It’s the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime."

Andrea Gibson, in this interview with Hooligan Magazine  (via humours)

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thank god for paulina

fuck life

just wanna get obliviously fucking drunk 

i dont care what we do for my bday

i wanna go back to york so bad but then i dont

this weekend fucked me up completely

now ill go get drunk by myself

cryin cause just got a call from my drunk college friends 

about how much they miss me

and i started crying on speaker with everyone there


i love these people


I liked it better when I didn’t have feelings for anyone…

yup. i’m stupid.


The beautiful United States of America

I love this post

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What’s this from?

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this is making me wanna throw up 

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